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Marine climbing frame lifting hoist

2021-09-10 16:24:27Beijing Lieying
The structural system design of marine climbing frame electric hoist products can facilitate our disassembly, installation, simple maintenance and convenient operation. The control system adopts H06-3 epoxy mica anti-rust primer and H06-1 epoxy zinc-rich intermediate paint , X52-E10 high chlorinated polyethylene topcoat, the thickness of the paint film is generally not less than 1 warranty, lifelong learning and maintenance, can be used by enterprises with confidence. Climbing frame electric hoist belongs to a kind of group crane electric hoist. It has the characteristics of slow lifting speed, light body weight, high hardness of the machine parts, and low wear. The climbing frame electric hoist is also known as the "group hoist electric hoist". It retains the light and convenient characteristics of the chain hoist, and improves the lack of manual operation of the chain hoist. It combines the advantages of the electric hoist and the chain hoist. Use disc brake motor to do the work. The group hoist is a low-speed electric chain hoist with light weight, simple installation, flexible operation and control, and convenient use.
Focus on climbing frame electric hoist, the supply of marine/mine hoist climbing frame can be ≤95%, relative humidity in the air, condensation, mold, long-term heel, trimming workplace, widely used in ships, from weight, The factory provides single or double speed type. The group hoist is a low-speed electric chain hoist with light weight, simple installation, flexible operation and control, and convenient use. The sales network of ship climbing frame electric hoist is exported to the United States, Italy, Iran, Africa, Russia, India, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Russia, Australia, Egypt, Iran, Congo at home and abroad. , Brazil, Peru, Morocco, Germany and many other countries, have more long-term cooperation than domestic foreign trade companies, complete documents, original spot, large quantity favorably, and support one-drop shipping.
Marine climbing frame electric and hoist 6-18m lifting hoist, non-standard climbing frame electric or hoist, OEM OEM climbing frame electric hoist can be customized, the products are different in tonnage, color, reel, lifting speed, motor working voltage , Remote control, hook, fire stopper, cone protection motor, etc. can all be selected. Product development advantages:
1. The lifting capacity is limited to protect the system function.
2. Double limit function with upper limit.
3. Standard export wooden box packaging. For shipping and export.
4. It can be equipped with English instructions and signs according to the management requirements of enterprise customers.
Protection grade IP44, IP54, IP56, F grade insulation.
6. Use product accessories such as marine ship inspection, hook pulley block, electric control box and so on.
7. Power-off manual release device, which can safely release heavy objects in the power-off state.
It has protection functions such as overload, over current, loss of voltage, phase failure, limit alarm and so on.
Figure 9. The trolley adopts rack drive to adapt to the vibration and tilting environment of the ocean and ships.
10. The motor needs to go through a special treatment, and the insulation technology grade is F, suitable for occasions with condensation, oil mist, salt spray, and mold.
kill. Equipped with voltage loss protection, the ship's voltage is unstable, and voltage loss protection is adopted to prevent abnormal operation and malfunction of the hoist with unstable voltage. If the voltage loss protection is not installed, the motor will be burned out due to unstable voltage, and there will be no after-sales service scope.
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Marine climbing frame electric hoist 6-18m heavy-duty hoist, international quality, trustworthy!

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