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Safety of climbing frame electric hoist

2021-09-24 23:42:47Beijing Lieying
The use of hoisting machinery is mostly in open-air construction sites, and the use of electric climbing hoists is more frequent. Because of this, the construction site looks very tidy and looks very neat, so that the construction site will no longer try dirty and messy representatives, and improve efficiency and safety performance. We still try to avoid some problems in the process of assembling the climbing frame electric hoist
1. The screw is loose 2. The nut is missing 3. Missing parts, few parts
The climbing frame electric hoist should increase the appearance, increase the safety and improve the efficiency. These small details require our attention. It can be improved by checking and confirming according to the requirements of the "attached lifting scaffolding inspection and acceptance table before lifting and lowering operations". Then, you can issue instructions to start lifting. When lifting, all the positions of the attached lifting scaffolding of the entire building can be lifted at the same time, or it can be lifted in groups and zones. When there is no fault alarm, it can be lifted into place at one time. When there is a fault, the fault should be eliminated in time and then upgraded again. Pay attention to the verticality of the guide rail during the lifting process, especially the top fixed guide seat should be in the same vertical plane with the two fixed guide seats under it and be in a straight line, otherwise the lifting is suspended for adjustment. When the bottom fixed guide seat leaves the guide rail, stop lifting and remove the fixed guide seat and move it to the top aligning guide rail for installation. Then you can continue to lift. Before the lift is almost in place, all the fixing buckles for positioning should be fixed. After all the parts are loosened and lifted to the position to stop, first seal the sealing plate completely and then install all the fasteners in time. When the position of some fasteners is too high, a booster should be added under it. After all the fasteners are fixed and tightened, the load can be unloaded. When there is wind, heavy fog, rain and other weather above level 5, the lifting work of the attached lifting scaffold shall not be carried out.

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