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Monorail hoist

Monorail hoist

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Product name: Monorail Hoist
Product Category: Electric trolley
Product description: Installed on a monorail or cantilever crane, used to install machinery to lift goods, equipment maintenance, etc.

Electric Chain Hoist
Specification of electric trolley:
1 It is strictly forbidden to use the electric trolley.
2 When electric vehicles are lifting heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to walk or work under the heavy objects.
3 When lifting heavy objects on electric vehicles, they should be in the plane where the I-beam webs are located, otherwise do not lift them. When operating the monorail car,
4 The electric driver's zipper strip is forced in the plane of the sprocket wheel and must not be pulled diagonally.
5 If there is abnormal hand pulling force in the electric trolley, do not pull hard, and stop using it immediately to check the cause.
6 Lubricating oil should be added to the gears and rail surfaces of the electric trolley regularly, and check whether the fasteners are loose.
7 Electric hand-drawn monorail trolleys work with I-beams as support, so deformation, twisting, cracking, or substandard I-beams cannot be used as monorails.

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