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DHS type electric chain hoist

DHS type electric chain hoist

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Product name: DHS type electric chain hoist
Product Category: Electric hoist
Product description: DHS type electric chain hoist is the ideal equipment for lifting, transporting, loading and unloading goods. DHS type electric chain hoist is widely used in processing workshops, warehouses, docks, construction industry, various shops and various modern production line assembly lines in all walks of life. The chain hoist has the advanced level in the contemporary world and enjoys a high reputation in the world.      
Electric Chain Hoist
1. Overloading is strictly prohibited.
2. It is forbidden to pull diagonally or flatly. When lifting, it is strictly forbidden for people to walk or stay under or near heavy objects.
3. When it is found that the electric hoist does not rotate or there is abnormal noise, it should be stopped immediately, and then unloaded and checked.
4. Electric hoist is used frequently, refueling once a week, continue to use, refueling once a month.
5. The electric hoist is strictly forbidden to collide and knock on the hoist, and the storage place should be dry and ventilated.
6. Maintenance of electric hoist This product should be carried out by professionals, and should be operated under the guidance of professionals with certain mechanical and electrical knowledge. Before use, the product instruction manual should be carefully read.
7. Before using the electric hoist, you must check whether the power supply meets the requirements, and operate it according to the electrician's specifications. It can be operated only after checking the correctness.
8. Before using the electric hoist, you must check whether the brake is reliable, regularly check whether the parts are normal, and there should be no looseness, oil leakage and other phenomena.
9. Test run of electric hoist to check whether the sprocket and chain are meshed properly, and no chain pile is allowed.
1. Regularly lubricate the lubrication points of the electric hoist, such as gearboxes, bearings, wire ropes, etc., and the lubricant must meet the requirements of the instructions.
2. Regularly inspect all wearing parts, such as brake ring, gear, etc., and deal with problems in time.
3. It is recommended that the CD-type electric hoist be assembled upright after overhaul. The reducer is below. After the reel and cover are installed on the reducer, install the motor, then place the hoist horizontally, and then install the trolley and electrical equipment.

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