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Monorail mini six-wheel electric trolley

Monorail mini six-wheel electric trolley

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Product name: Monorail miniature six-wheel electric trolley
Product Category: Electric trolley
Product description: The single-track electric trolley is driven by an electric motor. At the lower edge of the track and the I-beam, the six-wheel design runs more smoothly. Because there are two more focus points, the center of gravity does not need to be on the original 4 wheels. Equipped with electric hoist or hand hoist can form a bridge, single beam or cantilever mini crane, widely used in factories, mines, docks, warehouses, mechanical processing, injection molding, die casting, stamping, loading and unloading abrasive tools, construction sites, etc. For the installation of machinery and equipment and the lifting of goods, the supporting crane adopts 220V single power supply, which is widely applicable.
Electric Chain Hoist
Specification of electric trolley:
1 It is strictly forbidden to use the electric trolley.
2 When electric vehicles are lifting heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to walk or work under the heavy objects.
3 When lifting heavy objects on electric vehicles, they should be in the plane where the I-beam webs are located, otherwise do not lift them. When operating the monorail car,
4 The electric driver's zipper strip is forced in the plane of the sprocket wheel and must not be pulled diagonally.
5 If there is abnormal hand pulling force in the electric trolley, do not pull hard, and stop using it immediately to check the cause.
6 Lubricating oil should be added to the gears and rail surfaces of the electric trolley regularly, and check whether the fasteners are loose.
7 Electric hand-drawn monorail trolleys work with I-beams as support, so deformation, twisting, cracking, or substandard I-beams cannot be used as monorails.

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