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Working environment of climbing frame electric hoist

2020-08-29 09:11:55Beijing Lieying
The control box of the climbing frame electric hoist is one of the important parts of the electric hoist. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the operation during your daily operations, you must pay attention to ensuring the normal use of the group hoist. The main thing is to ensure the stable operation of the control box. The control box is a collection of various electrical components of the electric hoist, so we must ensure its normal use conditions. Only to avoid damage (1) Can not be used in rain and snow for a long time, except of course the rainproof and waterproof control box. (2) It is forbidden to use it in various toxic gases and corrosive areas. (3) The operating area environment should have an average humidity of 90% and a temperature of 25°C. (4) The working altitude should not exceed 2500 meters. Regardless of any machinery, if you want him to exert 100% work efficiency, it needs a good working environment, so when buying a product, you must first consider the working environment, and then buy the corresponding product according to the environment.
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