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Lever Hoist

VT type lever hoist

VT type lever hoist

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Product name: VT lever hoist
Product Category: lever hoist
Product description: The VT series lever hoist adopts a multi-module structure, safer to use; light weight, small size, and low handle operating force; the VT type lever hoist has G80 alloy steel lifting chain; forged hooks through heat treatment, High strength and good ductility. VT series hand lever hoists support customization. VT type hand lever hoists can be configured with different lifting heights according to customer requirements. VT series hand lever hoists are widely used in equipment installation, lifting of items, pulling of machine parts in shipbuilding, power, transportation, construction, mining, post and telecommunications industries

Lever Hoist
Matters needing attention in operation
1. Choose a safe and reliable lifting point when operating the hand hoist. It must be directed by someone and should be tested first. When the heavy object leaves the ground, the hook head, wire rope sleeve, rigging, etc. must be checked again in detail, such as a stable center of gravity , Normal operation and reliable braking before lifting.
2. During operation, the person who operates the hand-operated hoist shall not stand on the heavy object, and shall not leave the scene when the heavy object is suspended and stays in the air.
3. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to pass, walk or stay under heavy objects during lifting.
4. Do not use non-manual means to drive the hand hoist to lift heavy objects. If it is found that it cannot be pulled, the pulling force shall not be increased. The use shall be stopped immediately and the heavy object shall be stuck with other objects, whether the weight of the heavy object exceeds the rated lifting weight, and whether the hand hoist mechanism is damaged or not.
5. The distance of ascending or descending heavy objects shall not exceed the prescribed lifting height to prevent damage to the machine parts.
6. It is strictly forbidden to use two or more lever hoist to lift the same heavy object at the same time.
7. In use, a special person should be set to monitor the safety of the lifting point, wire rope, rigging and the operator of the hoist. The operator of the hoist must be even in force, and must not stand within the range of the lifting chain's force and bounce Prevent chains from falling apart.
8. Large, medium-sized equipment installation, removal, movement (extension) must be prepared with targeted safety technical measures, which will be implemented after approval by the company.


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