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Beijing Lieying Lifting Appliances Rigging Group Co., Ltd

Beijing lieying lifting AppliancesRigging Group CO., Ltd,was founded in the 1990s. Under the jurisdiction of five wholly-owned holding branches:" R & D manufacturing (Beijing Branch Baoding Branch) Trading Company (Hebei Gaobeidian Branch, Guangzhou Foshan Branch, Shandong Linyi Branch)". After more than 20 years of development, beijing falcon's scientific research, technology, quality, production, management team, has had a good industry "management advantages, technical advantages." Mass production of various varieties, specifications series of products are:

★ ISO international standard products: starting and reusing new ring chain electric hoist / disc type motor (grade 4,6,8)/ micro motor / ring chain electric hoist / micro electric hoist / hand pull hoist / G80, G100 grade lifting chain (high precision, common precision)/ high strength synthetic fiber hoisting belt [(synthetic fiber circular hoisting belt),(synthetic fiber flat hoisting belt)].
★ Standard products such as EU (EN)/Germany (DIN)/US (ASTM)/UK (BS)/Japan (JIS): ring chain electric hoist /80 grade,100 grade lifting chain (high precision, common precision)/80 grade,100 grade lifting rigging accessories / high strength synthetic fiber hoisting belt (EA, EB, etc.).
★ National (GB), industry (JB) standard products: starting and reusing new ring chain electric hoist/disc type motor (grade 4,6,8V miniature motor / ring chain electric hoist / miniature electric hoist / hand pull hoist / grade 80,100 grade lifting chain (high precision, common precision)/ grade 80,100 grade lifting rigging accessories / high strength synthetic fiber hoisting belt (EA, EB, etc.).
★ Enterprise (QB) standard products (patented products): start to reuse new ring chain electric hoist / micro motor / micro electric hoist, etc.
[Note: Beijing Lieying can develop and produce lifting non-standard products according to customer needs.]

The Beijing Lieying has developed into a group of enterprises specialized in R & D, design, production and manufacture, high-grade, high-end,multi-variety, specification, lifting and equipment products in the north of China. All kinds of rigging products, complete specifications, self-matching,its product reliability, availability level, broke through the industry technical bottleneck.

In recent years, under the leadership of the chairman of the board of directors of the Beijing Lieying, a group of people have been doing what they thought ten years ago and what they think they will do ten years later.With the development of the times and the market, the high-end strategic layout, the assessment of the situation, the continuous allocation of improvements, the development of various supporting products, the production of equipment (automation, intelligence) hardware conditions, and the continuous convergence of domestic dream, thinking, methods, no lack of theory of industry strength elite team. It lays a solid foundation for the further healthy development of the Beijing Lieying.

The performance indexes of all kinds and specifications of Beijing Lieying products such as:2.5 times WLL non-deformation test of rigging products,4 times WLL breaking force test, product shape, dimensional precision, etc., on the basis of strictly conforming to GB, ISO, EN and other product standards, the ultra-longness (^6 M ) test has been realized, and the performance and index ability have exceeded the breakthrough of technical process and technical bottleneck.

The key processes of various products such as:" Electrical manufacturing / chain welding / rigging fittings thermal forging / machining / heat treatment / synthetic fiber weaving / dyeing / sewing production processes, process layout and optimization and control level; large sample size strict batch sampling test evidence shows that: Beijing Falcon achieved the production process key process control level excellence (beyond the relevant product standard requirements). The ability of process control and optimization exceeds the industry level, and the unqualified rate of product batch is far lower than that of domestic enterprises in the same industry, which has established the Beijing Falcon products steadily, and has a leading position in the same industry and technology field in China.

Beijing Lieying with the continuous healthy expansion of market share, in order to meet the market demand involving the above-mentioned products, the new strategic layout of resources (new plant), will be implemented in 2020. Its products are medium and high-end (grade 80, grade 100), its use performance, safety and reliability performance, stable to meet or higher than the national product standards requirements, in line with the European and American and other countries and regions related to product standards and technical requirements.

Beijing Lieying currently owns lifting: ring chain electric hoist workshop; ring chain electric hoist workshop; hand-drawn hoist workshop; disc motor workshop; micro motor workshop; lifting chain workshop; rigging workshop; processing workshop; heat treatment workshop; lifting sling knitting workshop (synthetic fiber); hoisting sling dyeing workshop (synthetic fiber); hoisting sling sewing workshop (synthetic fiber); central laboratory (equipment equipped with national laboratory approved grade).

With the industry's advanced 125,150,300 frequency conversion technology (automation / intelligent) lifting chain, welding production line; chain calibration production line; long-distance chain 2.5 times WLL production line; heat treatment process production line; ring chain electric hoist process test equipment; ring chain electric hoist process test equipment; hand-drawn gourd process test equipment; surface treatment production line more than 50 sets (). Equipped with "automatic, intelligent" hot die forging rigging accessories production line more than 10, automatic, intelligent mold and machining prcxJuction line more than 20; lifting sling (EA, EB) weaving production line more than 40, lifting sling sewing equipment 40 sets.

The central laboratory is equipped with advanced intelligent 5000KN (500T) horizontal tension machine; intelligent 2000KN (200T),1000KN (100T),600KN (60T) vertical tension machine; intelligent iron and steel material analysis direct reading spectrometer, intelligent metal metallographic analyzer; intelligent synthetic fiber tension tester and other testing equipment a total of 12 sets. Beijing falcon's total "automation, intelligent" equipment and production line nearly 200(sets).

Beijing Lieying has passed IS09001:2015 international quality management system standard certification, passed international CE, GS product safety certification. Has obtained the Beijing outstanding enterprise, the credit construction advanced unit, the Beijing science and technology innovation unit, the Chinese famous brand and so on title.

Beijing Lieying owned, domestic and foreign marketing product outlets more than 100, the domestic product market share is stable, products exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Austria, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions.
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