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G80 chain

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 Lifting chain general standard:
The specification of lifting chain generally includes en818 standard chain, g80 lifting chain, t (8) level carburized lifting chain, V (10) level lifting chain (blackened), t (8) level lifting chain (Galvanized), etc.
The scrapping standard of g80 lifting chain mainly comes from the following aspects:
First, the allowable wear value of g80 lifting chain shall not exceed 10% of the straight Bai diameter of ring chain bar or the thickness of accessories.
Second, from the plane where the main ring does not bend, Du should be discarded if the main ring is twisted more than 10 degrees.
Third, it is forbidden to use the g80 lifting chain when there are cracks, bends or twists in any part of the chain and there are stuck or stiff and astringent resistance between the ring hinges, which can not be ruled out.
Fourth, the permanent Dao elongation of g80 lifting chain and single ring shall not exceed 5% of the original length.
How to detect the grinding degree of g80 lifting chain
The g80 lifting chain should be cleaned regularly after use for a period of time. In the cleaning process, do not damage the g80 lifting chain. Do not use corrosive liquid to make the g80 lifting chain hydrogen embrittlement, do not make the g80 lifting chain too hot, and do not make the alloy metal elements of the g80 lifting chain precipitate or diffuse. Check the g80 lifting chain to ensure that the light is bright enough, and check each chain link, focusing on whether there is deformation, scratch, corrosion and inner ring wear. The wear inspection of each ring contact point of g80 lifting chain can make the chain loose. If serious wear is found, relevant tools can be used for measurement. Select a section of chain that has not been used or worn and stretched, make the chain 1653 in a natural vertical state, measure the data of adding the worn chain and the non worn chain pitch, and calculate the average increase proportion of each chain link pitch after wear.