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Lever Hoist

 What are hand block and chain block
The chain block is also called chain block. It is suitable for the production and construction of factories, miners, agriculture, electric power, construction, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, especially for the open air and power free operation, and has important functions. HSZ chain block is our company's latest product with advanced design, reliable quality and superior performance. The chain block is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard zbj80014-89. The performance of main parts and the whole machine has been strictly inspected and tested. The reliability of the product has been greatly improved to ensure the safety of use.
The hand lever hoist is a simple and portable manual lifting tool. It can carry out lifting, traction, lowering, calibration and other operations. Generally, the lifting capacity is not more than 50t. It is widely used in the installation of equipment, lifting of articles, pulling of machine parts, etc. in shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction, mining, post and telecommunications departments
Features of hand block
Hand block (hand block) has advanced structure, safe and reliable use, durable. High efficiency, simple and comfortable operation. Small size, light weight, easy to carry. All the spanner blocks (spanner blocks) are special grade alloy chains made of structural steel. All of them are gears, rotating gears and shafts. There are bearings or shaft sleeves on the surface of the products. The professional alloy hooks can meet the requirements of 150% of the rated load of the overload products
Precautions for use
1. Before use, the safety inspection of the hand block (chain block) should be done well, including whether the jaw of the hand block (chain block) is seriously worn, whether the steel wire rope should be replaced, and whether the brake surface is polluted by oil mud.
2. When using, it must be used in accordance with the standard of hand block (hand block), and the length of wrench shall not be extended at will, and overload use is not allowed, so as to avoid danger in the use process.
3. Pay attention to timely cleaning after the use of the hand block (hand block). After cleaning and maintenance, no-load test and heavy load test shall be carried out. After the hand block (hand block) is in good condition, it shall be properly stored in a ventilated and dry place