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 Reference knowledge of combined rigging accessories
At present, the fatigue test data of the combined rigging show that the fatigue life of the phosphatized coated steel wire rope is about 3-4 times of that of the smooth steel wire rope of the same structure, and 2-3 times of that of the imported steel wire rope (under comparable conditions in the laboratory). With the study of the wear-resistant phosphating formula, there is still a possibility of greatly improving. Manganese phosphating is wear-resistant phosphating, which can completely solve the wear problem of steel wire rope in the process of use.
According to the current situation of the steel wire rope Market, the price of manganese phosphating coated steel wire rope is higher than that of smooth steel wire rope, and the service life extension is far higher than the price growth. Therefore, the daily average use cost of phosphating coated steel wire rope is only about 30% of that of smooth steel wire rope, with lower daily average use cost, higher cost performance and quality stability, which is the upgrade and replacement product of smooth steel wire rope.
The commonly used types of steel wire rope for lifting equipment include phosphatized coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope and stainless steel wire rope, which are used in atmospheric environment. The manganese series phosphatized coated steel wire rope produced by patented technology has the longest service life, and the hot-dip galvanized phosphatized double coated steel wire rope is preferred in heavy corrosion environment. For reference only.
The evaluation of the ultimate working force of the combined rigging depends on the symmetry of the load received by the combined rigging, that is to say, when lifting, the branches of the combined rigging are distributed symmetrically and evenly according to the description, with the same straight viewpoint. 3. For combined rigging, if the branch cannot be evenly stressed according to the description, and the maximum force is on one branch, it will be the sum of the description viewpoint close to the maximum acceptance force of the branch. For the same result in 4-combined rigging, if it is not rigid load, the same calculation will be included. Filler: as for the rigid load of the combined rigging, most of the gravity may be supported by three or even two of them, and the remaining one is just to maintain the load balance.