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Climbing frame electric hoist manufacturers

2021-09-25 23:26:16Beijing Lieying
   Climbing frame electric hoist is a special industry lifting and transportation equipment, which can be used on the same plane as straight, curved, and circulating overhead rails. It can also be installed on electric single grain, I-steel rails. Manual single beam, bridge, suspension, cantilever, gantry and other cranes are used. The climbing frame electric hoist system is suitable for some industrial and mining production enterprises, warehousing and logistics terminals, railways, buildings, shops, food factories, product workshops, warehouses, freight yards, In the workshops of machinery manufacturing plants, practice workshops of repair shops, pipeline construction operations and other places, the manufacturers can ensure the quality through direct sales. Climbing frame electric hoist belongs to a kind of group crane electric hoist. It has the characteristics of slow lifting speed, light body weight, high hardness of the machine parts, and low wear. The climbing frame electric hoist is also known as the "group hoist electric hoist". It retains the light and convenient characteristics of the chain hoist, and improves the lack of manual operation of the chain hoist. It combines the advantages of the electric hoist and the chain hoist. Use disc brake motor to do the work. The group hoist is a low-speed electric chain hoist with light weight, simple installation, flexible operation and control, and convenient use.
Electric hoist manufacturer, specializing in climbing electric hoists for many years, currently has a number of domestic sales and service providers, products are exported through service agencies and served in Vietnam, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Russia, Australia, Egypt , Iran, Congo, Brazil, Peru, Morocco, Germany, the United States and more than 30 countries and regions. The group hoist is a low-speed electric chain hoist with light weight, simple installation, flexible operation and control, and convenient use. The company's products cover hand chain hoists, electric chain hoists, electric climbing hoists, explosion-proof electric climbing hoists, special-shaped electric climbing hoists, hoist cranes, fall arresters, jib cranes, etc. Flattening and various climbing frame electric hoist accessories lifting series can provide customers with a complete set of material handling solutions.
Climbing frame electric hoist configuration:
1. Thickened wire rope guide rail: Carbon graphite cast iron is stamped and formed with strong impact force, which can prevent wire ropes and wire ropes from chaotic phenomenon, and has a high safety factor.
2. European-style hook: the steel is heat-treated, it is not easy to break, the safety tongue design can prevent the goods from falling off, and the safety performance is better.
3. Remote control: electric shock-proof plastic thickened handle, high safety correlation coefficient, 360V safe working voltage, rope operation and wireless network remote control system in two different ways.
4. GB1102-74 (6*37+1) type: the strands are coated with oil to make each strand evenly immersed in the oil, and the double stranded rope product is equipped with upper and lower bidirectional information security and limit protection devices.
5. Cone motor: Nanjing special conical motor has a good heat dissipation of aluminum alloy shell. It adopts some special B-class or F-class insulated high-power conical motors. The protection technology grade is IP44/IP54. We don’t need to install an additional brake. The system is easy to maintain and manage.
Quality assurance: The CD1 single-speed climbing frame electric hoist passes the idling test before leaving the factory, and is insured by the People's Insurance Company of China (Personal Insurance) for 12 months. Customers need to contact us at any time during the use and installation process to protect your after-sales service.
The above is a detailed description of the electric hoist manufacturer. For more details, please contact us or pay attention to the climbing frame electric hoist manufacturer!

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