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G80 chain

Stainless steel chain

Stainless steel chain

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Product name: stainless steel chain
Product Category: Lifting Chain
product description:
1. Raw material of lifting chain: high-quality alloy steel
2. Process control of lifting chain: strict implementation of standard requirements / products undergo heat treatment
3.Dimensional tolerance of lifting chain: see relevant standards or customer order requirements for details
4. Surface treatment of lifting chain: polishing, blackening, galvanizing, plastic spraying, etc.
5. Note: Non-standard products can be developed and manufactured according to customer needs
G80 chainChain maintenance and maintenance (reference)
1 There should be no skew and swing when the sprocket is installed on the shaft. In the same transmission assembly, the end faces of the two lifting chain sprockets should be in the same plane. When the center distance of the sprocket is below 0.5 meters, the allowable deviation is 1 mm; when the center of the sprocket is above 0.5 meters, the allowable deviation is 2 mm . But there must be no friction on the side of the sprocket teeth. If the two wheels are offset too much, it is easy to take off the chain and accelerate wear. When replacing the sprocket, care must be taken to check and adjust the offset.
2 The tightness of the lifting chain should be appropriate, too tight to increase power consumption, the bearing is easy to wear; too loose chain is easy to jump and off the chain. The tightness of the lifting chain is: lifting or pressing down from the middle of the lifting chain, the center distance between the two sprockets is about 2% -3%.
3 The new lifting chain is too long or elongated after use, it is difficult to adjust, the chain link can be removed according to the situation, but it must be an even number. The chain link should pass through the back of the chain, the locking piece should be inserted outside, and the opening of the locking piece should be in the opposite direction of rotation.
4 After the sprocket wears seriously, the new sprocket and new lifting chain should be replaced at the same time to ensure good meshing. New lifting chains or new sprockets cannot be replaced separately. Otherwise, it will cause the problem of poor meshing and accelerate the wear of the new lifting chain or new sprocket. After the sprocket tooth surface wears to a certain degree, it should be turned over in time to extend the use time.
5 During the work, remember to add lubricating oil in time. The lubricant must enter the matching gap between the roller and the inner sleeve in order to reduce wear.

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