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How to deal with the sudden failure of electric hoist

2020-08-31 17:20:43Beijing Lieying
Climbing frame electric hoist is also called lifting frame. According to the power source, it can be divided into hydraulic type, electromotive force, human hand-pull type and other types. In recent years, the newly developed new scaffolding is mainly used in high-rise buildings with shear walls.
The preparatory work for the construction of high-rise building climbing frame mainly includes the following aspects: First, put the position of the load-bearing beam and the electric hoist in a suitable position, and control the bolts that need to be injected inside, so that the number of bolt holes for the wall is reserved. And the concrete wall is located at the designated position. The upper and lower requirements for the bolt position are also here, and the error cannot exceed 10mm. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the bearing steel support, the oblique rod and the long-standing beam and other facilities in advance, and then a sufficient amount of wire rope, electric hoist, fasteners and electric hoist and other construction materials should be prepared. Processing and manufacturing of equipment: during the construction of the project, the climbing frame structure accessories must meet the current climbing frame construction standards, and bolts must be used during the connection period, but threaded tapping must not be used for connection and use. At the same time, the auxiliary materials, equipment and production materials required to use related accessories must meet the construction design requirements, and then the raw materials and the quality of the materials should be carefully tested and controlled. According to relevant regulations, the manufacturer must have a complete equipment plan when producing climbing frame accessories, which requires detailed product quality inspection reports, product usage standards, and some technical documents and design drawings. In addition, the production unit needs to establish a complete and effective Its effective climbing frame management system ensures that the use of equipment and tools meet the standards for the use of precision parts.
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