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Climbing frame electric hoist improves safety performance

2020-08-31 17:23:26Beijing Lieying
Climbing frame electric hoist is a lifting equipment used in large-scale lifting construction by multiple units running at the same time. Due to the large amount of work, the long period and the large number of personnel, we must pay attention to the safety of the climbing frame hoist when we are lifting. Before lifting work, the first thing to do is to conduct a thorough inspection of the equipment to confirm that there is no abnormality and it can be used normally, and then check whether the safety protection of the operators at the scene is neatly worn, and finally the climbing frame hoist is required. The hoisting area shall be inspected, irrelevant personnel are prohibited from entering the venue, and whether the venue has a safety warning sign and whether it meets the requirements for safe lifting. During the work of the climbing frame hoist, the operator must operate according to the signal of the commander, and strictly implement the safe operation regulations for hoisting work during the work. When the climbing hoist is in operation, it is strictly forbidden for relevant personnel to leave their posts without authorization. If there are special circumstances, they must be handed over first. If you encounter a machine failure or emergency, you need to stay calm and respond quickly, and issue a warning to the surrounding personnel, and follow the emergency handling methods for lifting operations.
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