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Multi function electric hoist

Ring chain electric hoist is a kind of small lifting equipment, which is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses, commerce, medicine, health and catering services. At the same time, the ring chain electric hoist can also be installed on the suspended I-beam, curve guide rail and fixed lifting heavy objects. The ring chain electric hoist can also be installed on the guide rail of the cantilever crane to lift workpieces, clamps and other heavy objects for the machine tool. The ring chain electric hoist combines the advantages of electric hoist and chain block. The ring chain electric hoist uses disc brake motor as power and planetary reducer as deceleration. Meanwhile, the ring chain electric hoist has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, convenient use, reliable braking, simple maintenance and strong universality, which is to improve labor conditions and improve labor production Rate of ideal lifting tools. The ring chain electric hoist is suitable for low speed and small stroke material handling, equipment installation, mining and engineering construction.
Precautions for use
1、 Please read the operation manual carefully before using the electric chain hoist
2、 The installation position of the electric chain hoist must be selected in a situation that meets the needs and is convenient for operation.
3、 Regularly check whether the installation of electric chain hoist is firm.
4、 Please do not overload use and do not use electric chain hoist when the weight of lifting object is not clear.
5、 It is not allowed to lift the heavy objects obliquely in order to avoid danger.
6、 When lifting heavy objects with electric chain hoist, no one is allowed to stand under it.
7、 When operating the steel wire rope (chain), please wear thickened gloves, and do not let the steel wire rope slip through your hands, so as to avoid sliding or stabbing.
8、 Electric chain hoist shall not be used to carry people in any way or as lift tool of elevator.
9、 The operator shall not operate the electric chain hoist under the condition of drinking, taking medicine or being sick.
10、 Please do not modify or weld the parts of electric chain hoist at will