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 What is a micromotor
Micromotor refers to the motor with diameter less than 160mm or rated power less than 750W or with special performance and special purpose. Micromotor is a high-tech industry that integrates many disciplines such as motor, microelectronics, power electronics, computer, automatic control, precision machinery, new materials, etc., especially the application of electronic technology and new material technology promotes the technical progress of micromotor. There are many kinds of micromotors (up to 5000 kinds), complicated specifications and wide market application fields, involving national economy, national defense equipment and all aspects of human life. Micromotors can be seen in all occasions requiring electric drive. There are many manufacturing processes of micromotor, involving precision machinery, fine chemical industry, micro processing, magnetic material processing, winding manufacturing, insulation processing and other process technologies, which require a large number of process equipment and high precision. In order to ensure the quality of products, a series of precision test instruments are also needed, which is a highly investment industry. The product quality also needs a series of precise testing instruments, which is a highly investment industry.
Micromotors can be roughly divided into three types in structure:
1. The basic composition of micromotor is similar to that of ordinary motor, including stator, rotor, armature winding, brush and other parts with small shape,
2. There are two kinds of hybrid micromotors: the combination of the above mentioned micromotors and the combination of micromotors and electronic circuits. For example, the combination of DC motor and sensor, the combination of x-direction and Y-direction linear motor, etc
3. The non electromagnetic shape and structure of Micromotor are different from those of electromagnetic type, for example, the rotating products are made into cylinder and the linear products are made into square, but the internal structure varies greatly due to their different working principles.
Main application fields of Micromotor:
① The driving field cooperation without special control requirements is the power source of the moving mechanical load. For example, the power driving device in toy cars and model airplanes.
② Audio and video equipment. For example, in a VCR, the micromotor is a key component of the drum assembly,
③ Office automation equipment, computer external equipment and industrial automation equipment. For example, disk drive, copier, printer, CNC machine tool, robot and so on all use micro motor.