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Mini Electric Hoist

Mini electric hoist series

Mini electric hoist series

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Product name: Mini Electric Hoist
Product Category: Electric chain hoist
Product description: The mini electric hoist series is suitable for lifting and unloading small goods in various occasions. The miniature electric hoist is simple in structure, easy to install, small and exquisite, and uses single-phase electricity as the power source. Miniature electric hoist disc motors are widely used in modern industrial production lines, assembly lines, warehouses, shopping malls, restaurants, homes, decoration and handling, and places with narrow space. The miniature electric hoist is also a supporting product for fixed-column and wall-mounted cantilever cranes.

Mini electric hoist is also known as civilian electric hoist, also known as "suspended electric hoist". Mini electric hoist models are widely suitable for lifting small cargo. The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, the small and exquisite, and the single-phase electricity is used as the power source, and the use is very wide.
1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the mini electric hoist. The installation position of the mini electric hoist hoist must be selected in the occasion that meets the needs and is easy to operate. The miniature electric hoist should regularly check whether the hoist is firmly installed.
2. Please do not overload the miniature electric hoist or use the hoist when the weight of the lifting object is not clear. When lifting, do not pull diagonally or hang heavy objects to avoid danger. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to stand under the lifting weight when lifting the lifting weight.
3. When operating the wire rope, please wear thick gloves. Please do not let the wire rope slide over your hands to avoid slipping or puncture. This type of electric hoist must not carry people in any way or be used as an elevator lifting tool. Personnel operating electric hoist please do not operate the hoist when drinking, taking medicine or getting sick. When lifting the hoist, be sure to keep at least 3 turns of wire rope on the rope drum to prevent the wire rope from falling off the rope drum due to excessive force.

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